Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Pinch Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. This is a summary of the privacy policy which shall give you an insight into how data is collected, stored, and processed by us. Please view the complete privacy policy here to understand the details and intricacies of data collection, storage, and processing. Please view both documents carefully before proceeding.

Information We Collect

While you use our website and services, for the purpose of client identification and providing a personalized quality experience, we collect and store various data from you such as your personal identification data like name, date of birth, contact details, transactional details, technical data like your device details, interface usage details, etc. All this and several other information may be collected in several ways such as various forms, requests, communication, feedback, etc.

How Do We Collect Data

All the data we collect is through your use of our website and services by way of creating accounts, interacting with us through Contact Us forms, service requests, communications with our team, etc. Your registration on and navigation through our website gives us technical data about your device, browsing actions, patterns, preferences, and visits. We may also receive personal data through third parties such as analytics providers.

Use Of Your Information

We store and collect your personal information in accordance with our ethics. We use your personal data to customize the website interface, to communicate and coordinate with you, provide and personalize your services as per your requests, work on your feedback and complaints. We take these steps to ensure your satisfaction while using our website and services. We shall also use your data to be able to notify you about any changes in our services, website, policies and keep you updated. Furthermore, such information will also help us in building a better ethos and improving or amending our own functionality.

Data Security

While we use several security measures for data protection, please be aware that despite security measures, all information is susceptible to interception and other kinds of online data breaches.

Data Retention

Please note that your data will remain stored in our ecosystem till the contract period and even post its termination in compliance with our rights and legal obligations. We may aggregate your personal data for research and statistical purposes.

Updates To This Policy

As we expand our business, we may have to update our Privacy Policy. The same shall be notified to you and your use thereafter shall confirm your agreement with the changes.

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Pinch Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use.

Pinch Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. and its affiliates (Hereon referred to as “Pinch,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) respect the privacy rights of our clients and online users (Hereon referred to as “user/s”, “you”, “your”). To protect your personal data and privacy at all times, we have created this privacy policy. It entails details as to how we collect, store, use, process, share, and protect information about you. It also explains how you can access/change your information and make choices about how your information is used. We urge you to review and understand this Policy carefully. Your use of the website and services confirms your agreement with this Privacy Policy


For the purpose of identifying potential customers, individuals, or brands who want to use our services and/or collaborate with us, we may ask you to provide certain personal information which may include your name, address, email ID, contact number, date of birth, transactional details, etc., while you’re on our website.

The manner in which we collect such information is through Contact Us forms, registration forms, queries you enter, service requests, and any other way you interact with us on our website or through our contact details given on our website. To maintain quality service and personal documentation, we would also store interactions you have with our team, be it through chats or calls or contact us forms. This stands true for site visitors and registered users alike.

Mentioned below is a categorical breakdown of all the information that we will collect and store:

  • Personal identification data like name, date of birth, photographs, gender, and similar identifiers;
  • Contact information like your phone number, residential address, email ID, geographic location, etc.;
  • Technical data which may include your IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider, details of your operating system, access time, page, views, device ID, device type, the number of times you visit our website and interact with it, activity on our website, date and time stamps, location data and similar technical information on any device that you use while accessing our website. This information is crucial for us to enhance the user experience and make it seamless;
  • Transactional data which includes details of our services availed by you, a part of your credit or debit card information provided by payment processors, UPI IDs, bank account details are also stored for processing payments and keeping a record of all transactions that are made on our website or otherwise while availing services; and
  • Usage data that gives details about how you use the services and interact with our website, history, user taps and click, user interest, time spent on our platforms, page views, and more.


While you access and use our website and services, we collect personal information in some of the following ways :

  • We collect data when you create an account on our platform; interact with us through chat, emails, calls, contact us forms, request for our services, provide feedback and raise complaints;
  • Every time you navigate through our platform or register on our website, technical data about your device, browsing actions, and patterns are automatically captured using cookies and similar technologies;
  • Cookies and flash cookies are used for storing your patterns, preferences and tracking visits to our web pages. Every browser either allows you to accept or deny using cookies on your first visit. Permission to use cookies can be changed by setting a preference on your web browser or your device. However, disabling cookies will result in limited features of the Service and no customized delivery of information. We cannot control the use of cookies by third parties nor is it covered under this Privacy Policy; and
  • We might further receive your personal data from third parties. For instance, technical data from analytics providers like Facebook and the advertising network.


For providing an efficient, interactive, customized, and satisfactory experience, it’s crucial for us to collect and store your accurate information. Please be aware that the information given by you is used for the following purposes:-

  • Providing a seamless, easy to navigate, customized user experience on the website;
  • Creating and managing your account;
  • Providing the requested service(s) through employees, third parties, or contractors;
  • Direct communication over telephonic calls, text messages, and emails;
  • Getting in touch with you regarding your account or requested services;
  • Creating your personal profile for making the future services more personalized;
  • Compiling analytical and statistical data for our internal ecosystem or with third parties;
  • Regular notifications about any changes in our services, information and updates regarding the services requested by you and company newsletters and similar updates;
  • Requesting customer feedback on our services and website experience;
  • Acknowledging product and customer service requests;
  • Delivering information that may be beneficial to you;
  • Regularly notifying you about updates related to our website and services;
  • Observing website usage and analyzing trends to improve your user experience with the website;
  • Processing service-related payments and refunds;
  • Fixing operational and website-related glitches;
  • Complying with any and all legal demands; and
  • In case of legal battles, responding to court orders, practicing our legal rights as a company, and defending ourselves.


We may share information we have collected about you in certain situations. Your information may be disclosed as follows:

  • Certain services requested by you may require us to share your personal information with third parties service providers, vendors, or contractors for ease of providing services;
  • We may be required to share personal information with third-party service providers like payment processors, data analysts, email delivery providers, hosting services, customer services, and marketing assistance;
  • We may have to share your personal information with our affiliates which include our parent company and any subsidiaries, joint venture partners, or other companies in direct or indirect association with us;
  • We may disclose your data with our business partners for providing products, services, or promotions that may be of interest to you or for the purpose of business activities; and
  • For legal purposes, we may have to share your data with government officials, law enforcement, private parties and other personnel in compliance with the law.


In case of any update in your personal information, you’re required to inform us immediately so that we can make the necessary changes in our active databases for providing personalized and quality services.


While we use administrative, technical, and physical security measures and make every effort to protect your personal information and data, it is susceptible to interception and other kinds of online data breaches by unaut


  • This policy is to let you know that your data will remain stored in our ecosystem till the contract period and even post its termination in compliance with our rights and legal obligations.
  • Under some special cases, we may aggregate your personal data (so that it can no longer be associated with you) for research and statistical purposes wherein we’ll use the information without notifying you about the same.


  • As we expand our business, we may have to update our Privacy Policy. As and when this happens, we will put the updated policy on our platform or share it with you personally via email. And as per the law, you agree to updates made to this Privacy Policy when you use our Platform after such notifications.
  • For the latest updates, changes, and information on our privacy practices, we’d request you to regularly read our policies.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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