Who We Are?

In the last decade or so we’ve experienced a massive shift towards technology and digitization. It has changed the way we operate, both as individuals and groups, and has unquestionably added convenience to our homes. Except, has this convenience made our lives less complicated? More than ever, we are looking for ways to achieve a balance and somehow just can’t seem to crack the code to a well-rounded life. This is where we come in.


Why do we exist?

Oftentimes, we make profuse efforts in finding solutions to the daily problems in our lives and in the process, lose a sense of purpose. We invest so heavily in trying to figure out how to get past the stress we face every day and eventually end up wasting all our time and efforts in doing things that are obscure. We believe that life should be simple, uncomplicated so that one has the time to explore more meaningful pursuits.

What are our


Answers to the most complex questions exist. What’s challenging is getting those answers. At Pinch, we’ll try and get those answers for you, tell you what is the right thing for you and if we, in any manner, can help you solve those problems with a holistic and sustainable approach. We do what is right for you and not what is easy for us.

What We Cannot Do?

As long as what the customer requests is legal, ethical, moral and falls under the realm of home and personal space, we pretty much don’t say no to anything. We don’t claim to be invincible, problem-solvers who will fix everything in a jiffy. Ours is a product for humans, built by humans. Hence…

Where are we right now?

We are in an experimental/developmental phase, where we’re constantly learning and growing. Presently, we have a willing cohort of customers who know that we have something meaningful to offer and have given us a chance to help them and their families. At Pinch, we’re always finding new…

Expectations on what customers can get today?

A varied range of home management solutions like Housekeeping, Food & Nutrition Management, Child and Elder Care, Repairs & Maintenance, Experiences, Concierge and other services. Whether it’s grocery management, taking care of children…


If your home ecosystem gives you joy and you don’t see an apparent change happening, we would love to learn from you and achieve that state of balance. If even remotely otherwise, let us know how we can help improve your lives. If there’s nothing you wish for us to help you with, we’ll be more than happy to just learn your methods and try and incorporate them into our suite of services.

Absolutely. However, our services are best used as a package since they are all designed to purposefully solve all the complexities on your behalf. If you only take a few of our services, our purpose of adding meaning to your lives as a whole gets defeated since it’s only one portion of the puzzle that’s being solved.

Like we’ve mentioned before if you’re living in an environment that provides you immense joy and comfort, we wouldn’t want to replace it with anything. Rather, we’d be willing to learn the tricks to a happy home.

The main value that we would bring to your house helps, those who’ve been with you for a certain period of time, would be to enhance their existing skills. We would train them in a way so as to expand their capabilities further and in a more streamlined manner. In addition to this, we will also help structure their functions to increase efficiency so that they become intuitive at work. We wouldn’t just help your home associates but also support their families in whichever way we can.

We believe that answers to most complexities in life exist, what’s challenging is getting those answers. We at Pinch, act as a conduit between the two, we’ll fetch all the right answers for you, tell you what’s the best thing you can do, how can we solve those problems and what is right for you and not what is easy for Pinch.

Yes, we do. We can add secondary accounts for the same family. For instance, we can have one primary account in the main city and a secondary account in the city of our customer’s family. All the accounts will be managed by one Lifestyle Manager so as to make the experience more seamless offered by someone who understands the needs of your family way better than anyone else. Going beyond one city will not just help improve our services but also give us an opportunity to expand across the country.